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Specialists in Blood - based Genomic Screening (BGS)

Against 8 Common Cancers,
2 Inflammatory Diseases and Osteoarthritis

BioNexus genome screening company


BioNexus Gene Lab Corporation (BGLC) applies less - invasive blood - based dynamic genome screening analysing changes in ribonucleic acid (RNA) predicting certain predisposed diseases even before they show any symptoms. This blood test provides very early detection of a person’s susceptibility to certain diseases enabling the person to take appropriate measures to stay healthy.

Late Professor Emeritus
Dato Dr Liew Choong - Chin

Late Professor of Medicine and Founding Director of the Cardiovascular Genome Unit at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto.


World renowned authority in the field of cardiovascular disease-specific genome research, one of the pioneers in the field of molecular medicine. He was the co-founder and chief scientist of Bionexus Gene Lab Corporation, and was a pioneer in the advancement of gene theory research into clinical application.

Professor Dato' Dr. Liew Choong-Chin


BioNexus Genomic Screening


In the 1990s Late Professor Emeritus Dato Dr. Liew Choong - Chin, proposed a novel approach to identifying genomics signatures of diseases using blood. This unique blood signature approach derives from the observation that circulating blood reflects the changing states of the body in health and illness. This original concept won the Frost and Sullivan Innovation Award for North American Technology in the year 2006.


While DNA is relatively static, it is the carrier of human genetic information that passes down from generation to generation. Historically, the study of DNA is to detect ancestry and inherited characteristics, including certain inherited diseases like Huntington Disease, Cystic Fibrosis and Down Syndrome, among others. It is generally believed that there is a genetic (DNA) pre-disposition to certain cancers, like breast cancer, colon cancer and gastric cancer. 


Conversely, RNA is dynamic and changing affected by an individual’s lifestyle, diet, drug use, exercise and environment. The distinctions between the characteristic of RNA and DNA are illustrated in the link for more information

genome screening services


The BGS test is a new, less - invasive blood test that uses circulating RNA in the blood to assess an individual’s current risk for a panel of 8 Common Cancers, 2 Inflammatory Diseases and Osteoarthritis. BGS uses only gold standard and FDA approval reagents and instrument to ensure the quality of results.

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