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BioNexus Gene Lab Corporation (BGLC) was incorporated in the State of Wyoming on May 12, 2017. On June 1, 2017, we acquired all of the outstanding capital stock of BGS Lab Sdn. Bdh., a Malaysian corporation (“Subsidiary”). The Subsidiary was incorporated in Malaysia on April 7, 2015. Our corporate structure is depicted below:


BioNexus Gene Lab Corp. 

(Wyoming company) 


100% owned 

BioNexus Gene Lab Sdn. Bhd 

(Malaysian company) 

Dr. Liew and his team continuously develops and commercialises early detection on many more diseases/disorders through extensive research and clinical trials. Profiling changes in blood gene expression through cell-cell interactions when blood circulates throughout the body and subtle changes occur in cells over time due to injury or disease which can then be used to develop disease-specific molecular diagnostic assays



Liew begins his research in 1968 and has published more than 300 researches and clinical trials in medical and peer review journals like Nature, NEJM, Science, JBC, Proc NAS, Circulation etc. His publications include the followings:

Mining the Dynamic Genome; A Method for Identifying Multiple Disease Signature Using Quantitative RNA Expression Analysis of a Single Blood Sample (Dec 2015)


The Peripheral Blood Transcriptome: New Insights into Disease and Risk Assessment. Mohr, S Liew CC. Trends in Molecular Medicine (October 2007). 


Cardiovascular genetics and genomics for the cardiologist / edited by Liew CC and Victor J. Dzau (2007)

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